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How are Greeting Apples produced?
Spring: Apples are thinned twice by hand. Only the best fruit are kept.
Summer: Each apple is wrapped in a special paper bag to protect it from the sun.
Fall: Before harvest the bags are gently removed, and a decal with a design or text is placed on the white skin of the apple. At this point it is Mother Nature who gives the final touch of red. Only the perfect fruit are harvested, graded, and shipped.
Winter: This is the shipping period, but also time to select and prune the best trees for the next season.

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wintertime in the orchard bagging the apples
It All Began in France...
In 1939 Henri Péron, my grandfather, planted an apple orchard with the variety Reine des Reinettes near Limoges, France, with the mission to ship his fruit to Paris. A few years later, he was one of the first growers able to bring good quality apples to the French capital.

Sixty years later, I decided to move to North America with the goal of growing my Greeting Apples for the North American people. My name is Alain Péron. Born in France, I grew up helping my dad in the family apple orchard. I spent twenty years around the world in apple orchards in America, France, New Zealand, Holland, Australia, Japan, Russia and Canada. Now settled on our small organic farm, I create Greeting Apples: apples that greet the person holding them with a little statement Mother Nature helped me to write on them through a completely natural process. My Greeting Apples are delicious, and because they are done by hand, only a limited amount can be grown each year.
Feel free to contact me with your comments or questions. Merci!

Alain Péron Greeting Apple Creator
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